Mt Keira Scout Camp is managed by Scouts Australia and is part of the South Coast & Tablelands Region. Its primary functions are a Scout camp and a training centre for Scout Leaders.

The camp is also used for bird watching, school groups, youth groups, conferences, weddings and photography.

6 hours ago

Mt Keira scout camp

Anyone remember this Guy?
Before the camp became part of the National Park, domestic animals were allowed up here. Baden lived here with the Stone family and I have heard some terrific stories about this dog and the antics he got up to.
Share some stories & photos of Baden if you have any
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When someone (Me) leaves the camp kitchen open a smidgen and the natives get in. This happened a few months ago but I only just found the photos. There was SCAT evidence all over the tables but I wasn't sure what made the mess. Once morning tea was over I was packing the glasses away and must have moved the tray they go on, next thing something moved across them and jumped onto the floor, I wasn't sure what it was and may have let out a squeal.
This adorable little Ringtail Possum must have been fast asleep in the back of the cupboard and I disturbed it.
After biting the hand of the man who helped me catch it, the Possum was let go outside the kitchen a bit discombobulated but okay, Anthonys hand, not so much.
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